Individual Therapy

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to seek out therapy, so take a minute to pat yourself on the back for getting this far! Individual therapy is an investment in YOU. It takes time, money, energy, and it is difficult, without question. But it is a step closer to being the kind of person you want to be; a step closer to having the kind of life you want to have. Those things are available to you and we believe that you can be happy and fulfilled again…It’s just going to take a little work to get there. We’d be honored to go on that journey with you.


Couples/Family Therapy

Being a part of a couple/family is one of the most wonderful, most painful, and most complicated experiences a person can participate in. Even the most loving, well-intentioned people can encounter difficulties when life gets in the way as it tends to do. When that happens, it can be incredibly helpful to have an objective third party to help navigate these tumultuous waters. Our couples/family therapists can help you develop deeper empathy for your loved ones, work through conflict, improve communication, and get back to enjoying life with the people you love most.



Girls Group is for teenage girls, aged 13-18, who could use some extra support. Girls Group runs weekly on Wednesday nights from 5-6:30 pm with Dr. Petya Randelova. In this group, participants can expect to: 1) Talk about their experiences; 2) Hear other peoples’ stories, struggles, and triumphs; 3) Give and receive support; 4) Learn how to better cope with a myriad of unpleasant experiences (depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, etc).  A pre-screening intake is required before participation.  BCBS PPO is accepted for both intake and group sessions. The self-pay rate is $155/intake and $30/group.
In this group, participants can expect to 1) Discuss their experiences with other women who understand 2) Hear other women’s stories 3) Explore how the trauma continues to impact their present-day life (friendships, romantic relationships, sex, work, etc) 4) Learn ways to better cope with traumatic symptoms. Dr. Samantha Gehr and Mariya Sirman, LPC, run this group. An intake session is required before joining the group. Please email if you are interested in joining.