Existing Clients

My TherapyPortal invitation link expired, and I can’t create an account.

You can reach out to our Client Care Coordinator and ask for a new invitation link via email (admin@ciracenter.org). You can also reach out to your therapist or prescriber for a new link as well.


I forgot my TherapyPortal password and need to reset it.

Our Client Care Coordinator (admin@ciracenter.org) will be happy to assist you by sending you an email with a link to reset your password. Your therapist or prescriber can also send you a new link to reset your password.


I need to reschedule my session.

Please make sure to reach out to your therapist or prescriber directly. You can find their email address and/or extension number included in your first session confirmation email.


How can I find my therapist’s or prescriber’s contact information?

Your therapist and/or prescriber’s email address and extension number are included in your confirmation email sent by our Client Care Coordinator. Extension numbers are also listed in our phone menu (872-395-8091).