About CCBH

Cira Center for Behavioral Health (CCBH) is a group practice that has a Team of Psychologists, Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Doctoral Level Therapists, and Post Doctoral Fellows that serve the age and gender spectrum and specialize in Trauma and Women’s Issues/Health.

We have locations in Chicago’s Loop and Oak Park (due to COVID-19, currently all sessions are via Telehealth). Therapy is based on research and science, both of which are incredibly important, but at CCBH, we believe that nothing is more important than feeling heard and understood without any judgment. When a strong, supportive relationship is combined with direct feedback and skill-building, people change and their lives improve. We primarily work with adults who are struggling with major life changes (divorce, starting a family, etc.), stress, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, and trauma.

Cira Center also focuses on women’s health (perinatal and postpartum depression/anxiety, relationship difficulties, eating disorders and/or disordered eating, body image struggles, etc.) and trauma. Trauma includes things that you would typically think of as trauma (war veterans, car accidents, rape, physical assault, etc.) as well as difficult childhoods that may have included: physical, sexual, verbal, and/or emotional abuse; divorce/separation; a caretaker who struggled with their own physical/mental illness; a caretaker who suffered from addiction, etc.

What makes us unique?


We’re humans too. This is obvious but bears being really explicit about it because walking into a doctor’s office doesn’t always generate a feeling of humanness. We are profoundly affected by you – not a completely objective, blank slate. We get to know you and come to deeply care about you – not forget about you the moment you walk out the door. We think about our therapy with you as a real relationship that we put our souls into – not just a service we provide.


One of our problems with the field of psychology is how negative it can skew – all stigma, symptoms, and problems. But we believe that everyone acts, thinks, and feels for a REASON.  At some point in your life, this problem that you’re seeking treatment for has served you. It helped you. I’m sure it’s crazy to think about it that way but it’s likely true. At CCBH, we want to help you see your strengths and that they exist even where it seems like there are only flaws.


We recognize that people may have a lot of negative connotations to this word so let us just be very clear about what we mean. At CCBH, we believe that ALL women have strength, power, and value. Women of every race, creed, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and ability status.  Period.  And while all women have to navigate through sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy, at CCBH we recognize that women with other marginalized or invisible identities have additional barriers to hurdle.  We recognize the role that traditional white feminism has played in keeping women of color marginalized and we work to fight for ALL women and be inclusive in our efforts to dismantle patriarchy/white supremacy.  We don’t hate men. We aren’t angry all the time.  We simply believe that women are incredible and can make a profound difference in this world when the limitations we’ve struggled with are mitigated or removed. It’s that simple…and complicated. Let us at CCBH help carry and understand your burden so someday you don’t have to and can move on to your real purpose.

We are striving to be ANTIRACIST

While CCBH has always held a value of social justice, we realized that we haven’t been doing nearly enough. You can read the details of our Antiracist Agenda in our “CCBH and Antiracism” tab, but for now, know this: At CCBH, we understand that anyone who has grown up in America (and many other countries as well) has been surrounded by racism and white supremacy.  While none of us at CCBH are Capital R Racists, we realize that white supremacy is simply baked into who we all are, especially those of us who are white.  Every single member of this team has taken a pledge to educate themselves about racism and white supremacy, help each other on our antiracist journeys and identify, excavate and dismantle white privilege and white supremacy within ourselves, this Team, and in our communities.  We know that simply saying these words doesn’t make us antiracist and that this statement is fairly meaningless unless our daily, long-term behavior aligns with our words.  So our promise to YOU, our clients, this Team, and the world in general is that we will strive Every Single Day, for the rest of our lives, to live up to these words and be the people, therapists, and place that we strive to be.


We are not blind to the effect that someone’s race, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, etc can have on them. In fact, we know these things can profoundly impact the experiences that one has, how one perceives the world, how the world perceives and TREATS someone, and, therefore, what one thinks about themselves. When we sit with our clients, we recognize that no one lives in a bubble, that everyone is affected by the systems they are surrounded by and MANY of our clients face racism and/or marginalization and/or oppression of some kind.  At CCBH we understand that we need to educate ourselves, not rely on our clients, to learn about different cultures and cultural variables.  To do this, we engage in a multitude of trainings, readings, and presentations, both in house and with external presenters/consultants, all while knowing full well that every individual is unique and there are often more WITHIN group differences than not.  The clients we serve vary tremendously by every demographic and we are committed to providing treatment that is not only effective but incredibly sensitive to all of the cultural variables that make you YOU.

The Therapeutic Path:

  • Heal: Deal with the past/current limitations/barriers to who you want to be – the pain that is keeping you from the life that you want to lead.  The only way to get over it is to go through it.
  • Strengthen: “The world breaks everyone and afterward, some are stronger at the broken place” – Ernest Hemingway.  The process of healing makes us stronger. Instead of banishing parts of ourselves or our life story, we can learn to use these aspects of ourselves to get stronger and wiser…closer to who we want to be.
  • Empower: Having healed from our wounds and made stronger as a result, we can go into the world more confident about who we are. We can more fully be our authentic selves because we genuinely love who we are so it becomes easier to accept the path that led us there.

These concepts are not linear and most of the time they do not proceed in an orderly fashion. But they are the essential components of therapy that we will work our way through.