Month: March 2015

Why Do We All Judge So Much?

Recently, I saw the following pictures that were trending on Facebook:These are selfies of a model who is 8.5 months pregnant.  Gasp.  Shock.  Awe.  Right?  Pretty normal, human reactions to have, I think, considering how incredibly tiny she...

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The Transformative Power of Shared Pain

I have been in several situations lately where even I, as a psychologist, feel at a loss about what to say to someone.  Because the pain they are experiencing is so intense.  Because there's nothing that will make it better.  Because the situation is...

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The Fallacy of Perfection

If there’s anyone who knows what it feels like to try to be perfect constantly, it’s me.  Let me start at the beginning.  I’m a cancer survivor.  I beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when I was 15 years old.  I also lost one of my best friends to cancer less...

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