Welcome to CCBH’s presentation page!

Cira Center for Behavioral Health does presentations and lectures on a variety of subjects, including the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of Trauma and PTSD, how to identify and help victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault, supervision 101, the aspects of an Integrative Practice, among other topics.

If you’d like Dr. Cira to do a presentation at your work/school/company, please write to

CCBH’s Presentations are done by none other than Dr. Colleen Cira, PsyD, our Founder and Executive Director!


“Invisible Trauma”

Dr. Colleen Cira explains what Invisible Trauma is, how to identify it, and what kind of professionals are needed to help people with it.

The Physical Aspects of Trauma

Dr. Cira explains the role that our nervous system has when processing Trauma and how it can influence our emotions, response, and memory.