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If you’ve made it to this page, then you’ve probably already read about how we are different clinically.  Which is hugely important to us.  But we’re also different than a lot of group practices in terms of our business model, which we also think is a significant part of our success.  Here’s how we’re different and what you can expect if you become a part of our team:

 First and foremost, if we make you a part of our team, we actually care about you as a person, not just a worker bee that will increase our revenue.  We want to invest in you; in your career, in your goals, in your dreams, in your LIFE.  All too often employees in any setting can feel that they don’t matter, they are simply a cog in the wheel and the company at large does not have their best interests in mind.  We understand why that happens and because of that we are consciously and deliberately choosing to be different, which isn’t always easy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


We are ETHICAL.  Again, this might seem silly to say out loud but it bears being really explicit about.  Life is complicated and messy and the guidelines and rules leave a lot of room for interpretation.  At CCBH, we pride ourselves on holding our team and our practice in general to the highest level of ethical standards.  We abide by insurance company guidelines…even when it’s frustrating or hard to do.  Our billing practices are exemplary…even when it would be easy or convenient to fudge.  Following the letter of the law in a group practice can be really challenging at times and there are all sorts of incentives to color outside the lines, but we do it right regardless.  And we’re proud of that 🙂


We are TRANSPARENT.  As you may have read about, we’re a feminist organization (something we love!!) and part of being feminist means we are super honest about everything we do, which you as a potential employee, should be really happy about.  We don’t just give you a check and expect you to simply trust us.  You also get a detailed payroll report that shows every client you’ve seen, their date of service, how much insurance paid for that client, and how much the client paid for.  Every single cent on your paycheck is accounted for.  And that’s just one example.  Transparency is a core value of our practice and not something we simply talk about but rather something we live and breathe.


We are SPECIALIZED.  At CCBH, we are humble and also passionate.  In this amazing field, there is so much to learn and so many different avenues to take.  We are humble in the fact that we know we don’t do everything and we certainly don’t do everything well.  But we are super passionate about treating women and trauma survivors, which we do a lot of and we do it well.  If this sounds like you, we want to talk more!


We are MORE THAN THERAPY.  Part of what we love about being in this field is all of the things that we can do.  We LOVE clinical work…but we also love supervision, consultation, presenting, training, teaching…the list goes on and on!  But oftentimes being in a group practice means that you’re just doing therapy all day long which might work for a little while, but we find that we do our best work when we’re doing lots of different things so we built our practice around that idea.  Here at CCBH, you’ll do a lot of therapy with a lot of truly amazing clients.  But you’ll also have the option to participate in individual supervision/consultation, group consultation and, supervise advanced therapy practicum students, give presentations in our training program and in the community, and consult with other organizations.  If you need to wear more than one hat to be happy and fulfilled, you’re in good company 🙂

We think these are amazing perks and benefits, but there’s more!  In addition to this incredibly cool, new and RARE culture that we’ve created, we also…


  1. Offer employment at our Chicago location in the Loop, equipped with a private waiting room, beautifully and fully furnished offices (including computers), a coffee/tea bar (for clients and staff) and access to a nearby bathroom and group room.
  2. Competitive reimbursement. Plus, rewards for meeting and/or going over your weekly billing minimum, which also means the more clients you see, the more money for you!
  3. Employment status (not Independent Contractor) which comes with lots of perks, including the business pays for part of your taxes, paid sick time off, money toward continuing education credits, taking care of credentialing you on insurance panels and significant benefits including the option to obtain short-term disability (maternity leave) as well as a BCBS major medical plan.
  4. Plentiful referrals.
  5. We think it’s important that we all continue to grow and learn, in the field and about ourselves. Because of this, CCBH became a CE Sponsor site which allows for us to bring trainings in house and offer 1-1.5 hours of CEU’s per month to our staff for free.
  6. All of your billing is done for you so you never have to worry about that.  
  7. The ability to simply show up and do the work you love without any of the hassles.
  8. All marketing materials and expenses are taken care of.
  9. A paper-free existence! Everything we do is electronic.
If you’re reading this and you are JAZZED about it, we want to hear from you.  We are always looking for passionate, warm, bright, relational clinicians who want to invest not just in a practice, but in a MISSION and a VISION for making the world a better place.  If that’s you, please send your CV and cover letter to  Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂